Health Checks & Requirements

COVID 19 Requirements & Yellow Fever

Entry and Exit Requirements.

Delegates are encouraged to make sure they are vaccinated and up to date with the COVID-19 vaccines before traveling to Cameroon.

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Delegates encouraged to have COVID 19 Vaccines

Delegates must have proof of a recent (no older than 72 hours before first boarding) negative coronavirus PCR test to board flights to Cameroon and to enter at Yaoundé or Douala Airports.

  • The Government of Cameroon demands a negative Coronavirus PCR test from all travellers aged five and above. (Some airlines demand a PCR test from travellers aged two and above, so check with your airline.)

Testing/screening on arrival

All international travellers are subjected to extra, rapid flow, testing for Coronavirus on arrival at Yaoundé and Douala international airports. This is the Rapid Flow test. At present this includes all passengers arriving in Cameroon. These tests are compulsory. Results are returned while passengers are at the airport. There is no fee.

Quarantine requirements

If you have a proof of a recent (no older than 72 hours before boarding) negative coronavirus test, you will normally not have to self-isolate. Anyone that has developed symptoms of Coronavirus on their travel or tests positive on arrival at Yaoundé or Douala airport will be held for further enquiries to trace contacts and movements. We believe that anyone testing positive can quarantine at the location of your host or private accommodation until a negative PCR test is produced. These requirements are regularly evolving.

Exit Requirements

All travellers leaving the Cameroonian territory must present a negative PCR with a QR bar code at the airport from the last 72 hours. Your country of destination or transit may have other requirements

Health Vaccination: Yellow Fever Certificate.

Travellers Entering or leaving Cameroon are frequently asked for their Yellow Fever certificate as they pass through security. You should carry it with you as you pass through the airport.

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